Sunday, October 24, 2010

MSN also has "never gone" fixed base

Before the msn group also provides a similar function, but it is not QQ can be permanently established as a fixed group. There is finally the establishment of a fixed group of robots, and is the official!

First, the establishment of a fixed group of their own when the group master

In the MSN Messenger or Live Messenger, click "Contacts 鈫?Add Contacts", then the provision of services to the small group I Robot ( Add to MSN friends, add to the links after the successful the list of people find this nickname for the "group of customer service," a small robot and double-click the I, in the open and "customer base" of the dialog box will see digital information.

Follow the prompts to information, enter "1" and as the message sent to the "group of customer service," created after the cluster wizard will start. Will see later, an invitation prompt, just click "accept" key at this time "customer group" new group will start the registration wizard, follow the wizard prompts in the window to enter the correct registration information, in this group from time to time registered two methods, one is automatically assigned to group accounts, the other is hand-registered group accounts. If you want to apply for an individual's group accounts, group accounts need to manually register, is to open in the browser page to register a Live Messenger account, then use the Live Messenger account to register the group. In order to avoid complicated to simple, suggest that you still use the system to automatically assign account of the method to apply.

Second, a key to start

Open the MSN, in the contact list to find the group just created and double-click to open, and then click MSN splash screen vibration button and click on the following "acceptable" after the group start function. In the right window can be achieved through the corresponding button to add contacts (need to be added to add a contact to accept invitation), set group of data and information, set the administrator so.

3. The same as the QQ chat group

New group and add a contact, you can group the contacts and chat. If the group of contacts in the group issued a public message in your msn will receive a message from the group, if the other party directly to you through a message function to send the message, it achieved the equivalent of using group one to one chat. If you want to participate in group chat and post group messages, first found in the contact list and double-click the group, and then click the "splash screen vibration" button to start a group chat, then send messages directly, the message will be sent to the group All the contacts within, if you want to contact a specific message, as long as the group's contacts within the contact list by clicking the appropriate nickname in the small window that pops up enter the messages in. (See Figure 1)

If you are a group of owners, do not want to use the group, just kicked out all of the friends group, then you can then exit the group. If you participate in the establishment of a group of people in the group want to quit, as long as the group chat window, click on the "members" button, then click on "Exit group" button. If you are adding to the other group after the group do not want to withdraw from the case, you can block MSN chat window button to temporarily shield base to send the message, so you can temporarily shield after operation in the contact group is sent to you message.

I use this little robot group is simple, just apply for a group, then you can add contacts come in, but do not QQ group can double-click the group from the contact list to start the chat, it needs to " Nudges "button to start the group function before they can take the initiative to send group messages. If you wish to talk like QQ and MSN contacts as chat groups, might also add a fixed their MSN group now!


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

How GIS abstract surface features of space?

GIS first problem to be solved is how to use computer technology to describe and express complex spatial surface features and their spatial relationship?

GIS uses highly abstract method of abstract space surface features or phenomena into several basic types - point, line, surface and composite objects.
Spatial position relationship between surface features used to describe the topological relations.

Point data with a specific location, the expression of discrete distribution for space object; below shows the distribution of educational outlets.

Line data type is an abstract linear features or phenomena. The figure is a toll station and the flyover of the linear expression (data cloud from the Beijing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xing Yu Capital Highway Development Co., Ltd. to provide).

Surface expression of a certain spatial range of data and area of spatial entities, spatial coordinates of this data type is a closed chain said. The figure shows the number of ground-like city data.

Composite object used for point, line, surface expression of complex surface features can not be abstract, by point, line, surface expression of a combination.

Topological relations between surface features used to express complex spatial position relationship, such as railway and administrative relationship between the distribution of rivers as water sources and the relationship between residential areas, water pipelines and facilities and the control valve relations. GIS spatial relationship to features on the abstract to the dots, between the lines, between the surface and surface, between points and lines, point and area between the line and face a variety of spatial topological relations between , including the "adjacent", "Deviation", "intersect", "contains", "coincidence" and the expression of the relationship.

Different purpose, on the same surface features of the abstract method is also different. Million population of the country such as the distribution of large cities, the cities can be abstracted as points, but on the management of urban infrastructure, the city can not simply be a point-like surface features of the.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kingsoft vice president said the leaked report seen those internal to track down leaks

Xinbao Xun (Xinhua Hou Juan) newspaper had reported the e-mail leak of confidential Jinshan, Jinshan Wang Feng, senior vice president in a telephone interview yesterday, said that she really seen the comparison product report, and the first time with the Flint During the negotiations, and admits to "report to give you big surprise."
Firestone admitted that leaked report software

As "Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography" flint software development business in Guangzhou, also confirmed the leaked document from flint software. Fishman, general manager of Firestone software on the phone claimed that: "This report does the software come from Flint, we are also conducting an internal investigation to trace the leak of the report are." Talking about the purpose of producing this document, Fishman said: "We need to set a benchmarking, and then cross. "He said," Fantasy Westward Journey "is one of the most successful online games, online games developers will be any concern about it. According to Flint the marketing department, said Miss Yu, NetEase has initiated against the "Outlaws of the Marsh Biography Q" study, estimates of future space and the Water Margin Dreams What are the implications in the end.

In fact, the leak in the same document in the players set off a storm. Matador known in the industry forum, "Water Margin Q Biography" Transcend "Fantasy Westward Journey" posts, to attract the attention of nearly 2,000 people, which accounts for Qi Cheng voters that "" Outlaws of the Marsh Q Zhuan "beyond the" dream Journey to the West "" and support "Fantasy Westward Journey," the number is only 18.7%.

Chain metabolism to stimulate competition

In the Q version online games market, a rise of online games, online games for a total decline in another cost, which is the industry's so-called "chain" metabolism. In 2003, the "Fantasy Westward Journey" and other games rise, resulting in "Magic Baby" to hand over the throne of the market first. In 2006, when Ding and his "Fantasy Westward Journey" is facing the "chain" new killer "Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography", the market competition of smoke revived. "Q is relatively large market and competitive online gaming market, competition and moderate, while the Q version of online game players love, love the general community and leisure, fine game is easy to hold the player's heart, which easily lead to a dominant. "Turning to the metabolic chain, senior vice president of Kingsoft, said Wang Feng," has a life cycle product, Q version of online games is generally 2-3 years, after this time, players will appear Shenmeipilao, which is similar to the "Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography" blockbuster products such opportunities. "industry veteran, that the" Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography "have a strong research and development stage specific, and considerably higher than competitive products, the improvement and innovation, instead of" Fantasy Westward Journey "The attempt to exposed. The existence of the law of chain metabolism, so that all Maozuliaojin NetEase and Kingsoft. The Q version of online games who can actually led the flag, or to hone over a period of time before the market could see.


Online Posts conflict broke

The afternoon of August 28, SAN FRANCISCO there a forum called "Gold Mountain intercepted a confidential report seen bristle Ding" posts. The paper said the evaluation report is confidential Jinshan, premeditated alternative "Dream Journey." The report from Jinshan agent game, "Shui Hu Chuan Q" R & D team in Guangzhou Flint studio, and Firestone the main core members of the studio from NetEase, NetEase currently involved in two games, "Westward Journey" and "Fantasy Westward Journey" research and development.



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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chinese Microsoft Access Help BUG

The color of the original given name is wrong, using the wrong color name, not the desired result, and the display will appear, "[Color names]" characters.


Can use the Format property to customize the number, date, time, and the text is displayed. String type, read / write.


expression required. Return "used" list of an object expression.

You can use predefined formats, or you can use formatting symbols to create a custom format.

Format of the different data types use different settings. Information about specific data types, see the following topics:

"Time / Date" data type

"Digital" and "currency" data type

"Text" and "Notes" data type

"Yes / No" data type

For controls, you can set the control's property sheet in the attribute. For the field in table "design" view ("Field Properties" section) or "query" window "design" view ("Field Properties" property sheet> in) to set the the property. You can also use macros or Visual Basic.

Note In Visual Basic, you can enter the corresponding pre-defined format of the sub-character string expression or input a custom format.

Format property affects only the data is displayed, does not affect the data is stored.

Microsoft Access as the "time / date", "digital" and "currency", "text" and "Notes" and "Yes / No" data type provides a predefined format. Predefined format and country / region settings (by double-clicking Windows "Control Panel" in the "Regional Settings" set) of. Microsoft Access display corresponds to the selected country / region format. For example, if the "General" tab, select "English (United States)", then 1234.56 a "currency" format is $ 1,234.56, if the "General" tab, select "English (United Kingdom)", the figures will show to 拢 1,234.56.

If the table "design" word view field Format property is set, Microsoft Access data table using the format to display the data. Forms and reports on the new controls are also applied field Format property.

In any type of custom data format can use the following symbols: Symbol Meaning

Spaces will appear as the original meaning of space character.
"ABC" character within double quotes will appear as literal characters.
! The implementation of left-aligned instead of right-aligned.
backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html log maint sitemap.html svn tmp character filled with the next available space.
The next character will appear as the original meaning of character. Can also be placed in double quotation marks around way to display the original meaning of character.
[Color] in between the brackets with the specified color display formatted data. Available colors: black, blue, green, blue, red, purple, yellow, white.

Can not be "digital" and "money" type of data types and custom formatting symbols, "Date / Time", "yes / no" or "text" and "Notes" format symbols mix.

If the data input mask also defines the Format property is set in the display data, Format property will be the priority, and ignore input mask. For example, if the table "design" view, create a "password" input mask, the same time they set the Format field property, either in form or in the form of control, data attributes according to Format display, and "password" input mask are ignored.


[Color] in between the brackets with the specified color display formatted data. Available colors: "black, blue, green, blue and green, red, magenta, yellow, white"


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The world's smallest digital music player coming soon

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 31 Xinhua U.S. Apple on October 31 announced that the company's latest iPod MP3 will be held on November 3 on sale worldwide. This is by far the world's smallest digital music player.

According to AFP, this iPod, only a matchbox size of the body, weighing about 14 grams, priced at 79 U.S. dollars. Do not look at its small size, the capacity of this player is considerable, 1G of memory so that it can store about 240 songs. In addition, up to 12 hours of standby time has also become a major player Cikuan selling point.

Apple vice president of 鏍奸浄鏍间箶鏂?Wei Yake said at a news conference, ultra-compact body design allows the player to become the iPod family history, carry a most convenient. He hoped that this player can be in the market, attracted enthusiastic responses.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

SMG President Li Ruigang: IPTV risk is too cool the temperature

SMG Shanghai Media Group president Li Ruigang said that IPTV is not to show one. IPTV is a very popular topic this year, this reporter interviewed came to Beijing to attend the "Fortune" Global Forum in Shanghai Media Group SMG president Li Ruigang. Participants during the Li Ruigang the first time "IPTV to be cool" point of view.

Beijing News: Shanghai Media get the first IPTV license, how to prepare for the operation of industrialization?

Li Ruigang: We first get the country on the IPTV license, there are a lot of the media to interview me. You are my first interview to accept the press on this issue. I do not want a high profile on this issue, because it has a lot going to deal with very complex relationship, we are in this area is not to show one.

This topic is very hot this year, my view is that IPTV should be cool. Many people see it too simple, even network TV, broadband TV and IPTV confused. IPTV in fact very complex, involving telecommunications and radio and television together, related to national policies of liberalization and try the game involves a lot of interest, related to technology to provide the details, including digital protection system technology, streaming media technology , equipment providers, the set-top box, server problems, but also the relationship between telecommunications operators coordination. All of these need to complete system solutions.

There is also the relationship between central and local authorities. Also from operations, the mutual sharing of the market, and many problems to crack. Such as central server, the user's cell to split, copyright protection system, electronic think-tank system, users need to be integrated management system. Very difficult and this is a complex issue.

Beijing News: What made steady progress this year in the IPTV project, SMG specific to do here what kind of work?

Li Ruigang: This year there will be some attempts, for example, and China Telecom Group's level of cooperation on the strategic framework to solve large problems. It also sought the views of the State Administration of Radio, because it involves opening up the content. I while ago to go to the British "Financial Times", organized a forum, a point I agree, IPTV is not Internet thing, but a TV.

Therefore, policy needs to be communication. This year we will select a number of cities in the country this experiment. Because at the technical level has been some international solution, so we will and mature technology developers collaborate to build a real business model. On IPTV, I think it is necessary to establish the physical platform, the second is to build service models. Such as China Mobile has a mature business model, but we have not this model, and will therefore absorb some relevant experience in other industries do. I personally think that the risk of IPTV great many unpredictable factors.

聽聽聽 鏂颁含鎶ワ細IPTV椤圭洰涓紝鏂囧箍闆嗗洟鎵撶畻鎶曞叆澶氬皯锛?br />
聽聽聽 榛庣憺鍒氾細鎴戜滑鐩墠鏈夐潪甯稿ぇ鐨勬姇鍏ワ紝浣嗗叿浣撴暟鎹垜涓嶆柟渚块?闇诧紝鏍规嵁绮楃暐鐨勬祴绠楋紝2500涓囧埌3000涓囩殑鍙椾紬锛岄渶瑕?00浜垮埌600浜垮厓鐨勬姇鍏ャ?


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If your answer is precise and appropriate decency

In the interview, the examiner will often ask some questions for candidates to answer, to judge a candidate's basic ideas and quality. Exquisite decent answer will undoubtedly increase the candidate bright spot, which stand out among the many strong opponents. The following are among the job applicants frequently encountered problems, as a candidate, you would choose answer?

鈼?Why do you repeatedly swap the workplace?

1. I like to seek a new environment, new stimulus. Because the new environment more suitable for my personality.

This answer is too simple, most of the interviewer will think you are alone, blindly seeking to stimulate the curiosity is the lack of pragmatism, inconstant. Where there are reasonable examiner would not agree.

2. Because the new environment is often filled with more intense competition and challenges. And such an environment more suitable for my development.

This answer shows that you are full of enterprising spirit, the courage to challenge and perseverance, the courage to act, therefore, more suitable for the early days of urgent need to open open up the market situation of companies and enterprises. For already have a certain size, market stability and flourishing of the company, enterprises, while most will remain "stubbornly novelty, lack of down to earth spirit" of the defect.

3. Because in the past few units are not suitable for me ... ... I think either of those companies less competitive, or competitive mechanisms are not sound enough, or where employees are not entitled to compensation, or the lack of decent and pragmatic style of leadership ... ...

What both companies, enterprises, that answer is very bad, because it will make the examiner think you are too picky, it seems "stale world alone I Ching," the style, it is difficult given important posts.

4. I certainly hope that some companies in the same (unit) to expand my career because I am not a inconstant people, but I do not like standing still. So I think, various factors, from the original number of companies (units) to seek a new company (unit), may be more conducive to the rapid development of my career. On the other hand, after all, to see more units, in comparison, the more experience, even if the new company and the original company, almost, I have a strong ability to adapt, which is also to enhance my ability to work, to my career has brought new and faster development.

This is a generally accepted answer to win. Only show inconstant you are not a person, say you are a very enterprising person, the same time, reasonable and fully explained the reasons for the work unit number exchange so that the interviewer that you are from a thoughtful, Speculative good people.

鈼?from your "resume", you do not like ... ... this experience. Once you to our company, is not difficult for your development?

1. Please you believe, my ability to adapt very strong, I think I will adapt quickly to new challenges.

This answer is simple, and flow in popularity, unwilling to bank examiners the impression of novelty, the examiner who heard the answer, often think: "can my company is now needed is to immediately enter the efficient operation of the state's personnel ah! there is no time for you to meet! "

2. Indeed, from my previous work experience of view, I do not have direct experience in this area, perhaps my work would have been affected in a short time, but I believe in the long run, the company Development must be a strong entrepreneurial spirit that, relatively good staff to support innovation, perhaps, not much direct experience of the employees work more easily in the future practice of the outstanding contributions made by a ground-breaking. To look at the staff's good at learning and thinking, is it good to accept new challenges.

And compared with the first answer, this answer is much more profound and convincing. It certainly did not Zhijie's own experience to the company resulting from the loss, but the words in Qiangdiao the "in a short time," the crucial 1:00, Then from the company Changyuanfazhan the Jiaodu, described his company soon Shi Ying, and made outstanding contributions to the company the possibility, which eliminates the first to answer the interviewer hearts of the "exclusion" psychological. If you could do a simple example to illustrate their good at learning thinking, innovative spirit, the effect will be better.

3. I do not have much direct experience, but I have a related experience. As far as I know, and some other people must be taught university never went to college people.

This answer, in essence, and the first answer is the same, in effect, as the list of a "teaching university" in the example of analogy, and thus can give the interviewer the feeling of novelty. On this basis, if one or a few can be cited to prove their case with relevant work experience, the effect was much better.

鈼?At present, there are many large companies are recruiting people, compared to, you have chosen our small company, can explain why?

1. I think the big companies have the advantage of large companies, small companies have the strengths of small and medium companies, looking for work, the most important thing is to see whether we can display their own talents, realize their own value. I think the right is the best, you better suited.

This is a very practical, very sensible answer, that your sense of reality, more of their own have a clear understanding of the correct concept and career values career.

2. Based on my intuition and understanding of all aspects of your company from the perspective are more suitable for me.

This answer general, on the face of reason is very comprehensive, but in fact did not say anything mean, so hard to win each other's satisfaction.

3. For someone like me who just starting their careers, the selection medium and small companies, more conducive to play my own advantage, and then as soon as possible to make than most people's achievements.

This answer, in simple words contain the problem of deep calm, allow the other party that you are honest man, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and matter Upper Center, on a solid and pragmatic spirit.

鈼?Why did you apply for this job?

1. I really like this job, it brought me great development.

If the examiner perceptual conscious, like the man frankly, this answer will undoubtedly lead to his favor, but a strong sense of reason if the examiner will think you just highlighted candidates unilateral benefit, obviously not to his satisfaction.

2. On my current situation, I need this job, and I believe I can do the job.

This answer contains a "win-win" means, but did not provide a convincing reason for the other side, making it difficult to win the goodwill of the examiner.

3. On the one hand, this work can give me a big of Fa Zhan, because I am in this area has rich experience; the other hand, because I believe I can make a contribution, and my Nengli so I'm sure he could get the job onto a new level.

This answer, to compare good reason, to their own interests and the company's development in a location equally important, to show your frank and rational, no matter what kind of character examiner, from the company, recruiting personnel standpoint , and will not challenge you to answer this.

鈼?If the company did not hire you, What do you think?

1. I can only regret.

Examiner raised the issue, mostly to examine whether the candidate has the necessary and reasonable spirit of self-defense. In addition to this kind of answer that you are a candidate other than the failure of another, without any positive spirit of self-defense, which allows you to greatly reduced in the image examiner.

2. Does not matter, because I believe I can always find the right company.

This response to the same effect as the first one to answer, but show a different form. If the other party do this before a decision not to hire you, your answer might make the self-confidence to listen to the one of the helpless; the contrary, the examiner will often find you the candidates lack the necessary sincerity.

3. We thank you for the company provided me with such a display of self-training capabilities of the opportunity, I feel your company has not been selected, not the original intention of both sides, but at least tell me your company's employment standards, work ethic, etc. there is a certain distance. I will cherish the exchanges and cooperation.

This answer is full of gratitude to you and reason of state, your open-minded, motivated, courteous and so on temperament and conservation will make the interviewer of your admiration, even showing a knowing smile, that you were hired on the spot too!

鈼?If you are hiring the company, your salary requirements?

1. Does not matter. (Or "no")

This answered the surface, shows the candidate is at work, contribute to the figures, but most likely not enough to create an honest impression of the examiner, because the pay and work are inseparable off from, a person seeking a career, it is necessary consider the possibility of playing their own potential and abilities must be considered for pay, without pay, to seek career lost its sense of survival. So, in today's real social advocate,

2. I believe you can have today's development, and necessarily is based on staff performance, contribution to the payment of salaries and to meet the Po.

This answer to the first answer to avoid defects, although the standard does not give specific salary, but only pay interest on the performance, but also affirmed the strength of each other and just pay the trust mechanism. Its good effects are self-evident.

3. According to the current pay with the industry standard and I am expected to give the benefits of the company, I think the company should pay my salary not less than ... ... (specify number) it. Or: I may be reached under the current level of work, my salary should be ... ... (specific number).

The issue of pay, often many candidates thought, his mouth was unwilling to ask or not ask questions for fear of talking about money leaving the examiner will focus on enjoyment, treatment and neglect of work, contribution to the bad impression. In fact, in most cases, the examiner is that good takes the initiative to ask job applicants on the salary expectations in order to facilitate analysis and decision making, therefore, to determine if the applicant consider the other party is made out of this issue, This has been made under the specific and clear the "offer" not only meet the expectations of psychological examiners, but also shows you are thoughtful, good at analysis of rare talent.

鈼?For this company, you have any questions to ask?

1. No.

If the examiner made such a matter for the test as a candidate yet, "Getting Started" is an employee if they expect to focus on other than work hard at work on such issues as the enjoyment of people who look very pale, this answer is subtle decent , but, in most cases, the examiner raised such issues, not only treatment but also the two sides have not talked about, you paid more attention to the company otherwise. If job seekers to seize this opportunity to ask you some questions to other companies, said more attention, no doubt can do for your candidate to win the weight increase. Such as the following answer -

2. I would like to ask, you have just promised wages, there are no other aspects of the preferential policies, such as insurance and training.

This answer, usually make the examiner think you are responsible for their own, more careful consideration to the question (with or without insurance), and to make progress (with or without training). Obviously, this answer will make your body decent highlight increased sharply.


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