Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chinese Microsoft Access Help BUG

The color of the original given name is wrong, using the wrong color name, not the desired result, and the display will appear, "[Color names]" characters.


Can use the Format property to customize the number, date, time, and the text is displayed. String type, read / write.


expression required. Return "used" list of an object expression.

You can use predefined formats, or you can use formatting symbols to create a custom format.

Format of the different data types use different settings. Information about specific data types, see the following topics:

"Time / Date" data type

"Digital" and "currency" data type

"Text" and "Notes" data type

"Yes / No" data type

For controls, you can set the control's property sheet in the attribute. For the field in table "design" view ("Field Properties" section) or "query" window "design" view ("Field Properties" property sheet> in) to set the the property. You can also use macros or Visual Basic.

Note In Visual Basic, you can enter the corresponding pre-defined format of the sub-character string expression or input a custom format.

Format property affects only the data is displayed, does not affect the data is stored.

Microsoft Access as the "time / date", "digital" and "currency", "text" and "Notes" and "Yes / No" data type provides a predefined format. Predefined format and country / region settings (by double-clicking Windows "Control Panel" in the "Regional Settings" set) of. Microsoft Access display corresponds to the selected country / region format. For example, if the "General" tab, select "English (United States)", then 1234.56 a "currency" format is $ 1,234.56, if the "General" tab, select "English (United Kingdom)", the figures will show to 拢 1,234.56.

If the table "design" word view field Format property is set, Microsoft Access data table using the format to display the data. Forms and reports on the new controls are also applied field Format property.

In any type of custom data format can use the following symbols: Symbol Meaning

Spaces will appear as the original meaning of space character.
"ABC" character within double quotes will appear as literal characters.
! The implementation of left-aligned instead of right-aligned.
backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html generate.sh log maint sitemap.html svn tmp character filled with the next available space.
The next character will appear as the original meaning of character. Can also be placed in double quotation marks around way to display the original meaning of character.
[Color] in between the brackets with the specified color display formatted data. Available colors: black, blue, green, blue, red, purple, yellow, white.

Can not be "digital" and "money" type of data types and custom formatting symbols, "Date / Time", "yes / no" or "text" and "Notes" format symbols mix.

If the data input mask also defines the Format property is set in the display data, Format property will be the priority, and ignore input mask. For example, if the table "design" view, create a "password" input mask, the same time they set the Format field property, either in form or in the form of control, data attributes according to Format display, and "password" input mask are ignored.


[Color] in between the brackets with the specified color display formatted data. Available colors: "black, blue, green, blue and green, red, magenta, yellow, white"


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